A little bit of history

In the spring of 1983, fate brought two very different people together: Toni Nubiola, a caver and Miquelàngel ‘Key’ Costa, a climber. Toni comes from the world of business, Michelàngel is a designer. Toni is a rational man whose feet are always firmly planted on the ground. Key, to say the least, has his head in the clouds.

But this odd couple has two things in common, their passion for the mountains and their enterprising spirit. In a reckless act of youth, or maybe just one too many beers, they decided to create, without a nickel to their names, a company dedicated to the distribution of mountain gear. In the beginning, the idea didn’t seem too bad and at least they would be able to get their own material at a cheaper price. All that was needed was the money and the brands to distribute.

The solemn act of founding the company was performed at a bench, on Gran Vía in Barcelona, even though the last details were resolved in places a bit more comfortable: on the beach in Hyeres, during a cavers’ convention, at a table at Glaciar, a very trendy bar at that time, and in a old, loyal Citroën 2 CV in which they took long trips trying to win the confidence of some brand companies.

Luck, perseverance, large doses of optimism and especially the sale of a small sailboat and a family loan, allowed Vertical to be created in June of 1983 in a small warehouse in the industrial zone of Barcelona.

Many years have passed and the world has changed, the market is immersed in constant revolution and each day there are new challenges that need imaginative solutions. Today Vertical is formed by a young and dynamic team of 23 people and eight reps, who all share the same passion for the mountains and new challenges. That small warehouse has turned into a comfortable space of 1,500 m² (16,129 sq feet) including the warehouse and offices. Thanks to the support of the most prestigious brands, the confidence of the customers and the respect of the mountain community, Vertical has become the leading Spanish company in the distribution of technical mountain gear.

To all of them, we say thank you for sharing our dream.

‘They are not the strongest species nor the most intelligent that survive,
but those that know best how to adapt to change’
Charles Darwin

‘Experience is not happens to you.
Experience is what you do with what happens to you’
Aldous Huxley